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Chemical Peels
A chemical peel is a treatment in which an acid solution, herbs or fruit and plant based ingredients are used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. Chemical peels enhance and smooth the texture of the skin. It is an  effective treatment for those who suffer from acne, wrinkles,dark circles, uneven pigmentation and to lighten the skin.
Full Body Peel
The Full Body Peel exfoliates from the chest down to the feet, this body treatment thoroughly exfoliates top layers of dead skin to even skin color and texture. Softens the appearance stretch marks, folliculitis, body acne, dark spots and raised hair follicles. This peel does not include the face and neck.
Ultra Peel Forte
This chemical peel is for those with resilient skin who have more dramatic wrinkling, sun damage, acne and acne scarring are the most suitable candidates for this deeper and more active treatment. The skin is left smooth hydrated, with improved tone and texture.
PCA Sensi Peel

This gentle chemical peel will strengthen and brighten the skin, while helping to treat sun damage and skin discoloration. This multi-faceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antibacterial action, making it an excellent choice for helping to calm rosacea.

Chiral - A Treatment
Facial $120.00 - Peel $170.00
This treatment boosts collagen and elastin production by increasing cellular turnover, which produces new cells. This process treats acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Chiral-A is a unique form of Vitamin A that brings vibrancy and clarity  leaving the skin with a nourished glow. This treatment can be performed in a European Style facial or as a Natural Vitamin A Peel. I'ts gentle enough that it requires no down time.
TCA Peel
$450.00 and up
The function of a chemical peel is to create an even controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells. This exposes a new fresh layer of skin with a more even color and a smoother texture. In addition the peel stimulates new cells to grow, therby tightening the skin, which decreases wrinkling. This is a medium depth chemical peel that helps effectively improve many conditions including: dull, weathered skin, freckling, blotchy pigmentation, sun damage, stretch marks, surgical scars, fine wrinkles and shallow acne scars.
Cabernet Peel
$170.00 each or a Package of 6 for the price of 5
A specially formulated chemical free treatment that has the power of a chemical peel. Natural Wine as a key ingredient along with antioxidants which will treat mature, dehydrated, and sun damaged skin. It will also help treat discoloration and acne. Mild to moderate exfoliation will be experienced. Results are luminous, hydrated and smoother looking skin. Peeling lasts from 2 to 4 days.
Ultra Peel II
This advanced hydrating chemical peel treatment plumps, hydrates and moisturizes aging skin. The retinol (vitamin A) content helps increase cell turnover to keep skin looking fresh, while vitamin C strengthens the skin by helping to increase the skin's collagen and elastin network, leaving the skin toned and bright. Light peeling begins up to 2 day's after treatment and continues for 3 to 4 days. Revealing a smoother, more radiant, glowing complexion after the first treatment.
PCA Ultra Peel
This treatment is specially formulated to gently treat dehydrated, menopausal and mature skin. It will help treat pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damage skin and acne. Overall, the final result will be plump, hydrated and ultra-soft skin. This peeling treatment will produce light peeling up to 2 days after treatment and peel for 3 to 4 days, producing a brighter complexion with a lit within glow.
ReVitalize Peel
$170.00 per treatment. Packages Available
The ReVitalize Peel is a unique break through formulation of exfoliants that provide a complete, consistent, and safe peel with little downtime and predictable results for all skin types. This non-invasive peel creates a softer, smoother, younger looking complexion: dramatic improvement in skin texture, acne, age spots, freckles, enlarged pores, scarring, melasma and discoloration.
PCA Peel with Hydroquinone and Recorsinol
$170.00per treatment.  Packages available.
This PCA Chemical Peel by PCA with or without Hydroquinone helps to speed up lightening of discoloration, treats hyperpigmentation, acne, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and melasma by removing top layers of dead skin cells to renew and create a more youthful complexion. Excellent for acne, melasma, discoloration, aging or darkening from any condition. Produces 3 to 5 days of peeling.
Salicylic Peel
$170.00 per treatment. Packages Available
Salicylic Peel uses the gentle power of plant based Salicylic, the renowned Beta-Hydroxy Acid, to help remove aging cells, stimulate collagen formation and improve acne prone skin. Helps treat discoloration from acne and melasma, acne scarring, chicken pox scarring, fine lines and wrinkles,  reduce pore size to give the skin a radiant, refreshed appearance. Excellent for the chest, back, arms and legs for acne, folliculitis and rough uneven skin textures.
Jessner Peel
$250.00 per treatment. Packages Available
The Jessner Peel is excellent for all skin types. It smothes and rejuvenates the skin, producing beautiful results in treating mild to severe acne and acne scarring, melasma, discoloration, moderate wrinkling, sun damage, and melasma. Jessner is very beneficial for patients with acne, oily, or thicker skin, because it tends to decrease oil production and open clogged sebaceous follicles. It also contributes to the healing process of acne. Excellent for the chest, back, arms and legs.
TCA Peel
$450.00 and up. - Packages available
TCA chemical peel is a medium depth peel. This is generally used to treat skin with moderate surface wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, scars from previous surgeries, injuries, or acne, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, acne and melasma. Excellent for the face, chest, back, buttocks, arms and legs.
Phyto Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Facial Treatment
Facial $100.00 - Peel $170.00
An alternative to AHAs, Phyto Pumpkin Enzyme Peel by A Natural Difference, is a fruit acid enzyme, an exfoliation accelerator, a powerful anti-oxidant, and a mild retinoic acid substitute. As a natural repair therapy, it has beta carotene and ascorbic acid to combat oxidative, free-radical damage. This peel benefits all skin types especially Sensitive, Acne, and Rosacea conditions.
Alpha Hydroxy Peel
$100.00 - Package Available
Natural Alpha Hydroxy Peel provides an exfoliating, peeling treatment which helps in the reduction of fine lines, discoloration, rough texture, sun damage, acne, enlarged pores, and shallow scarring. Great for most skin types. Excellent for the face and any area of the body. Great for Keratosis Pilaris.
Gentlemens Peels
$120.00 and up -Package available
Chemical Peels are great for treating ingrown hairs, the discoloration they can cause, razor burns and acne. One of the above Chemical Peel is selected according to the needs of the skin.
Hand Peel
$150.00 and up depending on strength
This peel will effectively remove dark spots, and make the skin appear more youthful and even in texture and tone.
Stretch Marks and Body Peel
$350.00 and up depending on size of treatment area
This body chemical peel is completely customized depending on the area of the body being treated. Treatment begins by preping the skin with a keratolic solution that acts by loosening top layers of dead skin cells. Manual microdermabrasion on areas where skin is thick, and followed by selected chemical peel to further encourage the removal of top layers of skin to eliminated the scar tissue associated with stretch marks or any scarring. A series is necessary to effectively treat stretch marks, and home care will be discused. Packages designed just for you are available.
Body Exfoliating Peels - Partial Areas
$350.00 and up depending on the size of treatment area
Body Exfoliating Peeling is used to treat scars, discoloration, acne, folliculitis, stretch marks, and rough skin texture. Areas commonly treated are chest, shoulder, upper arms, backs, abdomen, buttocks, legs, feet, hands, elbows and knees. This body peel is for an area the size of the back, it is not the full body peel.
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With years of experience working with Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons and continuing education, Medical Esthetician Melinda Woodhouse is ready to serve you and your beauty needs by recommending and delivering services and products to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Offering customized skin treatments combining clinical and natural treatments with state-of-the-art anti-aging bio-active skin care products. 

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